Completed Projects

Recycled Glass in Construction and Paving MaterialsPPT

Enhancement of Sustainability in Operations PPT

Computer Science Infusion in K-5 PPT

Building a Mentor Network and Awareness for Internships for High School Students PPT

Launching an Individual Giving Donor Program (IGP) in ThailandPPT

Building Tech Capacity at Habitat for Humanity PPT

Development of an Awareness Campaign for Unique Maker of Specialty Cookies PPT

Digital strategy recommendations for unique travel to Japan PPT

Major League Professional Baseball Team: Community Relation Concept Development PPT

Promises and Pitfalls of Autonomous Vehicles: Implications for the Insurance Industry PPT

Developing a Sustainability Map @ISU PPT

Electric Scooter/Bike Market Evaluation Plan PPT

Health Care Inflation and Insurance Affordability PPT

New Knight Rover Robotics Initiative PPT

Small Business Waste Diversion PPT


SmartGrid for Schools

A Study Exploring the Perception of Technology Readiness and Use of Social Media by Independent Insurance Agents in Illinois

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research Project

Pet Insurance Project

Alternative Energy Research

Community Consulting: Small Business Energy Efficiency