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Innovation Consulting Community
When you contact us with your interest in participating in a project, submit the following information and we will contact you. Please be advised – you need to be an ISU student in the Fall and Spring semester to participate. Additionally, if you are taking a full course load at ISU and working more than 10 hours per week in the spring term we do not recommend ICC participation. Fall semester time commitment is approximately 15hours (total; not per week) and Spring semester time commitment is ~5 hours/week until mid-April.

  • Your full name
  • Major at ISU
  • Contact number
  • Project of interest (if more than 1 clearly indicate your order of preference)
  • Why is this project of interest?
  • What skills/experience if any do you have in this project area?
  • How did you learn about ICC?
  • What will you need to give up (outside work time, RSO participation, etc.) to participate in the ICC?
  • Are you an international student studying in the U.S. (yes/no)?
  • Please attach your resume as a word (.doc or .docx) document